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The Team


Dr Simon Tannock – Technology and Solutions Manager

Dr Simon Tannock is the owner of AlgaEnviro and has a long track record of working with microalgae. Simon has specialised in the growing of diatom algae for more than 19 years. Simon has a Master’s degree in Biotechnology of Microalgae cultivation systems for aquaculture facilities. His PhD is in environmental engineering and focused on anaerobic digestion and biological nutrient removal. At the completion of his PhD, Simon took a role with the University of Queensland, Australia, as the Chief Engineer for a demonstration scale algae production facility, where he was in charge of design, project management and operations.

Simon has also previously consulted for Qponics, a start-up company that plans to produce Omega-3 oils from microalgae. Simon has also consulted for several other algae companies including Wintershine and Aquatrophic. To connect professionally with Simon contact him on LinkedIn.

Lily Kelly – Business, Sales and Marketing Manager

Lily Kelly

Lily is an exceptional business manager having owned and run several of her own businesses as well as being business manager for a large marine engineering firm.  Lily is responsible for the business management, sales and marketing at AlgaEnviro. Lily is your first contact for finding more info about AlgaEnviro and Diatomix, and to get you the answers you may need.