Are You Prepared for the Coming Season of Blue-Green Algae Blooms?

Every operator, manager and sideline observer of water and wastewater systems knows that spring is the beginning of the Blue-Green Algae season that will run until Autumn (or longer in the tropics). What can be done?  Do you simply make sure the lab knows they will have more testing to […]

An Overview of Trials Using Diatomix in Lagoon STPs and dams in Queensland, Australia

This blog post is somewhat more technical than some of the other posts I have done to date. The reason for this is that I am presenting actual data! Yes! The numbers are in and I have graphs, relationships and hypotheses to offer. So if you are interested in the […]

Are Blue-Green Algae going to take over the world?

It is clear that the number of blue-green algae (BGA), or toxic algae, blooms that are occurring is getting worse each year.  There is clear research to show that anthropogenic nutrient enrichment of our water is a cause of BGA, or cyanobacterial, blooms worldwide.  Sadly, we are not greatly advancing our […]