How It Works

Natural – Non-Toxic – Animal Friendly

How Diatomix Works 

Diatoms and other algae

Where Can Diatomix Be Used?

There are many places where unwanted algal blooms occur and cause problems. For example farm dams/ponds, reservoirs, rice paddies, aquaculture dams, irrigation canals, garden and golf course amenity ponds, irrigation channels, lakes, mine dams, ornamental fish ponds, potable water supplies, power stations, sewage treatment, turf farms, wastewater, waterways and irrigation canals and many other aquatic environments.

Harmless and Non-Toxic, But Still Effective!

If you have ever asked for advice on how to control algae you were probably advised to use some form of algicide or copper based poison. Did it seem strange to you that the way to keep your water healthy to use a poison? Up until now when there is an unwanted or toxic algae in our water the recommended solution has been to use an algicide to kill that algae. If you are trying to clean up your water and manage your resources well, is killing algae with toxins like copper sulphate, copper-ethanolamine complex, Bromo chloro dimethyl hydantoin or Simazine the best way?

Promote a Healthy Ecosystem

We recommend that you manage your water ponds/dams/lakes or other open water spaces in a natural way. With Diatomix you can naturally create conditions in the water that promote the ecosystem to become healthy and inhibit the toxic blue-green algae and other pest species that can cause so many issues. Diatomix is a new technology provided as a liquid fertiliser that enhances the growth of only one kind of algae – these algae are called diatoms. The fertiliser contains Silica as well as Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Boron, Chlorine, Molybdenum, Cobalt. These are the micro-nutrients required by ‘all’ algae and that are not usually present in water in adequate quantities.


What Are Diatoms?

Diatoms are the only phytoplankton that require silica to grow. The very unique and exciting technology that makes Diatomix such a great tool is that it consists of nano sized gels of silica that have these micro-nutrients adsorbed (stuck onto) the inside of the silica gel. When a diatom takes in the silica gels and starts to break them apart to use it in their ‘skeleton’ they get the surprise package of all the micro-nutrients they need to grow faster. Because the other, less desirable, algae didn’t get the micro-nutrient boost, they can’t grow as quickly. In this way the diatoms out-compete other phytoplankton and hence dominate the lake.

The reason you want diatoms to dominate as the main type of algae that are growing, is because they are the basis of the main food-chain in water. Diatoms get eaten by zooplankton; the microscopic animals living in the water, and the zooplankton will get eaten by other larger organisms in your water.

How Long Does it Take to Get Results?

Once Diatomix has been added to your water it only requires a few days for there to be an increase in the dissolved oxygen (DO) level and a reduction in the Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Total Dissolved Solids, Total Suspended Solids and blue-green algae (Cyanobacteria) levels. The BOD and COD concentrations (these stand for Biochemical and Chemical Oxygen Demand) will also reduce. BOD and COD measurements are regularly used as an indicator of the amount of organic pollution in the water, for example in wastewater. Because the dissolved oxygen will go up, the bacteria in the water will benefit from the extra oxygen and be more active in consuming the BOD.

The aerobic conditions will also mean there will be less anaerobic areas in the water. If there is a foul smell, from hydrogen sulphide (H2S), this will stop within a few days of the first dose of Diatomix, after the DO level increases by a few milligrams per litre. The blue-green algae become inhibited and begin to die off within a day or two of use of Diatomix. The dead blue green algae will float to the surface and make the lake appear dirty. Over time this will settle to the bank and may be removed physically or can be left to degrade, sink and decompose in a few days.

Noticeable Benefits

The dominance of diatom algae over others is very fast, and with continued use zooplankton populations will increase over the following weeks and months. Over longer periods of time you may also see fish populations increase if there are fish in your water. Since fish are food for birds, the bird population will increase in a lake or pond, where as in a farm dam with limited vegetation and trees nearby this is less likely. Water clarity will improve day by day once the blue-green algae scum has gone away. From a distance the colour of water will change from having a green tinge to a light brown one. There will be limited or no accumulation of scum on the sides of the pond or lake and over longer periods of time you can expect to see clearer water. With consistent use over months, the depth of the pond, dam or lake is likely to increase as the natural bacteria in the water will begin to eat away the black muck at the bottom of the pond. This occurs as the Oxygen levels in the water increase due to the use of Diatomix, and so the bacteria become more active deeper down.