Did you know that an important factor in aquaculture / water health is maintaining a consistent diatom bloom?  Managing ammonia and nitrate concentrations in finfish, shrimp and prawn farms can be a major headache.  Diatomix works to naturally reduce ammonia and nitrate concentrations in pond water, for effective and consistent discharge levels as well as to enhance the diatom bloom in livestock ponds.

Prawn and shrimp farms

Drive Best Practice Water Management on Your Farm

When you are in the business of producing large volumes of algae to feed aquaculture species, Diatomix is going to be your favourite tool. Shellfish, crustaceans and sea cucumbers need dominant diatom blooms to grow. Many farmed species will preferentially select diatoms and reject other algae when feeding. With Diatomix you can naturally create conditions in the water that promote diatom growth.

The Science Behind Diatomix

Diatomix is a liquid feed that contains nano-sized gels of Silica. These gels are like ‘Swiss cheese’, full of gaps and holes, and inside these holes we have added the micro-nutrients Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Boron, Molybdenum, Cobalt, Calcium and Potassium.

These are the micro-nutrients required by diatoms that are not usually present in water in adequate quantities. As a farmer trying to promote diatom growth for your farmed stock, you don’t want to be growing problem algae.  Problem algae are the ones that are of little food value or they cause off-flavours in the farmed animals.  The problem algae use up the nitrogen and phosphate nutrients but they do not add any value to the farming process.

How to Promote Diatom Growth

With the unique and exciting technology from AlgaEnviro, Diatomix will target diatom growth.  Problem algae don’t need silica, but diatoms do, and that is why Diatomix works so well.  Diatomix consists of the silica nano-gels packed full of micro-nutrients.  When diatoms take in the silica gels and start to break them apart, they get the added boost of all the micro-nutrients they need to grow faster. Because the problem algae didn’t get the micro-nutrient boost, they can’t grow as quickly. In this way the diatoms out-compete other algae and also water weeds for the nitrogen and phosphorus.  The dominant diatoms grow well and in your pond or dam and become a feed source for zooplankton in the pond.


A Healthy Food Chain

The reason you want diatoms to dominate, is because they are the basis of the main food chain in water. Diatoms will get eaten by your shellfish or by zooplankton; the microscopic animals living in the water, and the the zooplankton will get eaten by your farm stock.

To find out about ordering Diatomix for your farm, contact us on through the Sales page.

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