Lake, dam and reservoir health can be simple and very cost effective with Diatomix.
Keeping water weed and algae free, looking better and healthier every day, every month and every year has never been easier
From garden ponds right up to rivers, estuaries and wetlands; they can all be healthier, with fewer pollution problems, using our simple, poison free method to enhance the natural biology to heal itself.
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What we do

AlgaEnviro brings you a natural method to keep your water healthy and to control existing algae that cause toxic blooms, floating scum, bad odours and fish kills.

Keeping Your Water Healthy

Reducing ammonia, nitrate and phosphate gets rid of issues with algae and water weeds. Managing water health has never been easier.

Eliminate Blue-Green Algae

Toxic and Harmful algae blooms are becoming more prolific. Blue-green Algae blooms will become bigger and more frequent if you don’t manage your lagoon, pond or dam.

Fish Kills and Algae Blooms

The extent and frequency of fish kills in a pond, lake or dam depends on the level of algae and organic matter in the water. Active management is key to avoiding fish kills.

Natural – Sustainable – No Poisons
The Future of Healthy Water Management

AlgaEnviro brings you a natural method to keep your water healthy and to control existing algae that cause toxic blooms, floating scum, bad odors and fish kills. Everyone needs healthy water. You, the animals on your farm, the fish in your ponds, the wild animals nearby. Everyone.

At AlgaEnviro our sole interest is keeping water healthy. The world we live in needs healthy water more than almost anything else. We created this business because we have the knowledge and tools to help you keep your water healthy. If you need help with water health, such as removing pollutants and toxic algae, or stopping fish kills, or preventing water weeds from taking over, we can help.

AlgaEnviro makes water management a natural process. We will show you how you can be sure that you are looking after your valuable water resources, without adding poisons and algaecides. Without having to spend big money removing problem weeds on an annual basis.

Algae are a very important part of the health of your water resources. The most important thing is that you are growing the right algae.  You don’t want toxic algae, or waterway choking weed algae.  You want algae that becomes part of the natural food web.  This is what we can help you with.

If you have farm dams, or aquaculture ponds, or golf course and garden ponds and lakes, or if you have to treat wastewater:- keeping your water clean and healthy is important. Without the right tools and management, unwanted and toxic algae can take-over and make the water ugly, foul smelling and unusable. At AlgaEnviro we have the solutions to these problems with natural, non-toxic products and systems to keep your water healthy.


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