Garden Ponds

From Garden Ponds to Farm Dams

Keeping your water free of weed and problem algae can be difficult – whether it is a garden pond or a large farm dam.  But with Diatomix the solution is easy, safe and also very cost effective.

Just $1.50 per week for an average garden pond!

Diatomix is highly concentrated, to ensure we keep our environmental footprint very small, using less packaging and less freight costs.
There are no harmful ingredients in Diatomix so it is safe to use and store, the only requirement is that you remember to give the bottle a really good shake prior to use.

How to Use & How Much?

We recommend for small garden ponds (up to 10 square metres, for example 5 metres long and 2 metres wide) put 5mL – yes only 1 teaspoon of Diatomix, in your pond, three times a week.

To ensure better coverage in your pond it is best to mix the recommended dose of Diatomix in a container with water then throw it over your pond, avoid getting it on top of weeds as it needs to be in the pond water.

Remember that Diatomix is specially formulated mix of Silica and 10 vital nutrients for Diatoms to grow and replicate, so just like us they need regular (3 x per week) nourishment to survive.

If your pond is large (more than 30 square metres) we would recommend you contact us so we can advise you on our Diatomix range for larger water bodies.

diatomix natural algae killer
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